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Cozy Lullaby

Cozy Lullaby

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CPC Certified

Elevate playtime with Pebblestones's Cozy Lullaby Set, where the gentle embrace of soft colors welcomes you to a world of comfort and creativity. This trio of versatile stacking stones is inspired by the soothing essence of a lullaby, inviting you to explore, create, and dream with a touch of serenity. Crafted with durability and safety in mind, our Cozy Lullaby set is a canvas for endless play and boundless imagination. Cozy Lullaby adds a touch of warmth and calm to every moment.

Venture into the world of Pebblestones and let the soothing hues of Cozy Lullaby envelop you in a cocoon of creativity and serenity.

Product Details

  • Classic Pebblestone: 0.45 lb (204 g) light
  • Classic Pebblestone Dimensions: Diameter = 10.8 in, Height = 4.7 in
  • Safe stacking element: No sharp corners. Water and UV resistant.
  • The Classic Pebblestones and the Pebblestones Board are made of eco-friendly EPP (expanded polypropylene) and non-toxic/CPC certified paint.
  • Color and texture of actual products may differ from digital representation.
  • Can be combined with all products from Pebblestones

Safety with Pebblestone Products

  • Recommended age: 1+ year old
  • Water resistant*: Use around water with adult supervision
  • Do not put product in mouth
  • Avoid any direct heat or flame and keep away from sharp and pointed objects.
  • For balance and exercise, use on a level, non-slip surface. Keep sufficient distance from precipices and ledges.

*Except the Marble product

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