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Joyful Neapolitan

Joyful Neapolitan

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CPC Certified

Experience a symphony of joy with Pebblestones's Joyful Neapolitan Set. Inspired by the delightful blend of Neapolitan ice cream, this collection invites you to savor the sweetness of play, exploration, and creativity. Crafted for safety and durability, our versatile stacking stones offer a palette for boundless imagination and endless adventure. Whether you're creating solo stories or sharing the joy with friends, Joyful Neapolitan adds a touch of delight to every moment.

Dive into the world of Pebblestones and let the harmonious hues of Joyful Neapolitan paint your path to endless joy and playful discovery.

Product Details

  • Classic Pebblestone: 0.45 lb (204 g) light
  • Classic Pebblestone Dimensions: Diameter = 10.8 in, Height = 4.7 in
  • Safe stacking element: No sharp corners. Water and UV resistant.
  • The Classic Pebblestones and the Pebblestones Board are made of eco-friendly EPP (expanded polypropylene) and non-toxic/CPC certified paint.
  • Color and texture of actual products may differ from digital representation.
  • Can be combined with all products from Pebblestones

Safety with Pebblestone Products

  • Recommended age: 1+ year old
  • Water resistant*: Use around water with adult supervision
  • Do not put product in mouth
  • Avoid any direct heat or flame and keep away from sharp and pointed objects.
  • For balance and exercise, use on a level, non-slip surface. Keep sufficient distance from precipices and ledges.

*Except the Marble product

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